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About Us

Figure 8 Troupe is a start up theatre company based in Simi Valley, California, located just outside of the greater Los Angeles area. Figure 8 began as a group of just 8 people, but has blossomed into a full fledged to be reckoned with. All our members have experience in the theatre ranging from beginner to professional performance, and they love to make people think with their art.

Our mission is to focus on marginalized people and their stories, raising awareness of the need for all people to be treated with equal importance. We strive to be rainbow peacocks.

Director and Founder: Kelsey Wilk, on our inaugural production: "I am a theatre director originally from Simi Valley, and am deeply excited to direct a play in my hometown. I earned my BFA in Playwriting and Directing from Cornish College of the Arts, an institution in Seattle, WA, whose theatre program is deeply rooted in original works. After graduating in 2012, I performed and wrote original work around Seattle and Chicago. This summer, I worked as an assistant director at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago on an exciting new play, and while the whole of my career has been in the cultivation of New Works, I'm thrilled to be trying my hand at an established play for the first time. My fascination with Maria Irene Fornes has burned bright since learning of her in college, and I feel ready to take on this brilliant, scary, amazing play."