Figure 8 Troupe in association with The Simi Valley Cultural Association present...

Ruby and Scarlett at the Circus Carnivale!
A New Children’s Play 🎪🤹🏻‍♀️🎡

Saturday, November 30th
Two Shows! At 11am And 2pm
Tickets $5 Students, $10 General Admission
At the ARTS Blackbox
2956 School Street, Simi Valley, CA, 93065

Ruby and Scarlett are sisters.
They don’t get along!
But then, at the carnival, something goes wrong
Scarlett gets kinda lost, so Ruby must find her
While searching the circus, they get a reminder
That taking good care of your family, though tough-
Can actually be the most magical stuff.

Games! Treats! Music! Fun for All!
Join Ruby and Scarlett at the Circus Carnivale!

Kiki Girard as THE STRONGMAN!
Tamara Koltes as THE FORTUNE TELLER!
Mitch Mitchell as THE ACROBAT!
Cosette Ruesga as THE HALL OF MIRRORS!
Jessie Shear as OLDWOMAN!
Marlisa Guevara as RUBY!
And Sierra McWaters Licata as SCARLETT!

Written by Christan Leonard
Music by Wayne Hampton Holland III
Directed by Kelsey Wilk
Costume Design by Sam Shear
Poster Design by Natalie Bruno

At the beautiful new ARTSpace Blackbox Theatre in Simi Valley!

ONE DAY ONLY- two shows back to back!
Come join the fun, see the play, have a snack!
This show is especially fun for the kids,
So bring the whole family! You’ll be glad you did.

The Arena

Figure 8 Theatre Troupe presents our newest original play! 

We invite you to play with us in Peacock Paradise, a magical world where peacocks live and learn and CAW in harmony. 

Meet Bo, a unique peacock who has always had their besties beside them. Now with the talent show coming up, the friends are starting to drift apart, and it's time for Bo to make some choices. Will our hero overcome the status quo and learn that the best thing to be is simply yourself? 

See this musical, magical fable unfold at the wonderful amphitheater at Sierra Canyon School (Lower Campus) in Chatsworth California!

This production will delight kids and adults alike, so bring the WHOLE FAMILY to a beautiful play that will help theatregoers of all ages fan their feathers with peacock pride! 

Tickets are pay what you can (click on the link to the left to purchase ahead of time)!

Come be a part of our most colorful play yet!
Birds of a Feather
Playing TWO WEEKENDS at Sierra Canyon School's Amphitheater!

Friday April 28th and May 5th at 7pm
Saturday April 29th and May 6th at 2pm and 7pm 🌈💖

McColley Wilk as Bo Peacock
Luis Ramirez as Parker Peacock
Cosette Ruesga as Aubrey Peacock
Jason Williams as Papa Peacock 
Sam Shear as Mama Peacock
Emily Wallace as Mrs. Bruno Peacock
Nikki Reason as Ms. Molly Peacock
Jessie Shear as Sarah Jessica Peacock
Stephanie Shearer as Vivian Peacock

Chelsea Carroll as the Feather Fairy 

With original music by:
Wayne Hampton Holland III

Tickets available for purchase at the door.

RSVP using the button below to ensure entry.


 © Figure 8 Troupe. All rights reserved.

Bar and Grill

​​Figure 8 Troupe

Get ready to get weird.

Journey from the Center of the Fridge

The Arena

Bar and Grill

999 Enchanted Way

Simi Valley, CA 93065

Tickets available at the door.

$10, buy one get one free for students!

Why yes.

We are crazy.

This series of short plays will be written, directed, produced, and performed, all in the course of 24 hours!

These brand new plays will be experimental to say the least! In the past, our plays have featured giant iPhones, talking ham, witches who work at Taco Bell, and non-binary peacocks. You can expect even more outrageousness out of this show.

We wish we could tell you exactly what the shows will be about, but even we don't know that yet! 

This model for creating original work has been used for decades by professional and fringe theatres all over the world, and we are so excited to bring this unique experience to the Figure 8 Community.

Featuring the talents of (in no particular order):

Kelsey Wilk

Jessie Shear

Allie Nielsen

​McColley Wilk

Sam Shear

Sam Palmer

​Colin Sprague

Liza Delia

​Sarah Francis

999 Enchanted Way

Simi Valley, CA 93065

Inaugural Production:

Fefu and her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes

​A Play in 3 Acts
by Maria Irene Fornes 

Directedby Kelsey Wilk
Stage Manager- Allison Neilsen
Starring- Marlisa Guevara, Jessie Shear, Callie Gray, McColley Wilk, Natalie Bruno, Sam Shear, Cosette Ruesga and Chelsea Carroll

Sierra Canyon School

Lower Campus

11052 Independence Ave.

Chatsworth, CA 91311

Figure 8 Troupe made its triumphant return with...

Taco Spell... and Other Short Plays, original works by Kelsey Wilk

Watch the Fefu and Her Friends trailer!

Play Written in 24 Hours

More about our inaugural endeavor:

"Fefu and Her Friends" is a brilliant piece of feminist theatre written by Cuban born Maria Irene Fornes. This piece was written in the 1970s but takes place in the 1930s, and explores aspects and issues that are still relevant for females, and any underrepresented group, today. Using the style of magical realism, Fornes takes the audience to another place that is exactly the same as our own, excepting for that more is possible. The performances were done in the style of theatre in the 70s in New York -- "underground." The audience is as important to the show as the performers themselves, each gleaning something from the performance and creating magic themselves. 

Through an amazing partnership with the Woodland Hills Community Church (WHCC), a progressive congregation in the greater Los Angeles area, we were able to put our performance on stage in our dream venue. It was the first place in the San Fernando Valley at which Martin Luther King Jr. spoke, and since has been devoted to promoting justice and equality both locally and globally. Full of history, Harter Hall at WHCC was the perfect venue for this performance.

"Fefu and Her Friends" was performed "promenade" style, meaning that rather than the set changing as in a proscenium style theatre, the audience traveled to a new room for each of the scenes, exploring the space as they learn of the characters and situations. During the second act, when all of the promenading occurs, the audience was in four sections. Each section experienced the four scenes in a rotating order. 

This play is an exquisite and important piece of theatre that deals with themes of education, gender theory, social change, and the importance of the arts. The audience walked away with more than just a smile and a "that was nice sweetheart." Each audience member was changed on exiting the performance. 

This is an important piece of theatre, and we were honored to share it with the world. Now, 80 years after this play is set, and 45 years since it was written, its themes still resonate, and are more important than ever to convey. We hope to have promoted comprehension and scholarship among a new generation of theatre-goers and thinkers, and stimulated forward thinking in another generation accustomed to mechanical theatre meant only to entertain.

Our performances took place August 8, 2015 with shows at 2pm and 7pm, and August 9, 2015 at 2pm.

Thank you for your dedication to knowledge and the arts! 

Ruby and Scarlett at the Circus Carnivale! 

$10 general admission

2 tix for $10 for students with valid ID

The Los Angeles premiere of 

Taco Spell,

It's a Gift Shop After All

Two Olives,

andAt Least I Still Have You,

at the Woodland Hills Community Church on April 16 and 23, 2016 at 6pm, and April 17 and 24, 2016 at 2pm

Tell people you love us! Use #flocktogether and #figure8troupe to spread the word!

Directions to Sierra Canyon School,

Lower Campus:

From 118 Eastbound or Westbound:

-Exit De Soto Ave, head south (from the Eastbound, turn right; from the Westbound, turn left)

-Turn right on Chatsworth Ave.

-Turn right on Variel Ave.


-Turn right on Rinaldi St.

-Turn left at the guard tower to park in the lower school lot. Alternatively, there is also street parking available.